Project Description

!0 Steps to a Healthier You


Healthier Kids Foundation of Santa Clara County


The “10 Steps to a Healthier You” healthy lifestyle program is a childhood obesity prevention program reaching over 2400 families last year. “10 Steps” grew from a partnership between a Santa Clara County Health and Hospital System clinic in South San Jose (The Pediatric Healthy Lifestyle Center (PHLC) and The Healthier Kids Foundation, Santa Clara County (HKF). The “10 Steps” program is a 3 class series that was designed in response to the needs of families seen in PHLC. It presents evidence-based recommendations with practical skill sets to implement a healthy lifestyle in the home. Delivered in both Spanish and English, “10 Steps” has facilitated healthy lifestyle change among participants including increased knowledge of evidenced based lifestyle recommendations, increase in serving fruits and vegetables, decrease in serving packaged/processed foods, increase in turning off screens during meals, increase in confidence in setting family routines and increase in involving children in setting routines. “10 Steps” is being integrated into the Santa Clara County Health and Hospital System as primary prevention for childhood obesity. It is currently being delivered in schools, community-resource centers and other hospital systems with plans to partner with organizations including the Department of Social services and the Department of Education, Migrant Education and libraries. “10 Steps” plans to scale through a variety of media outlets (podcast/webinar) and is working establish systems for reimbursement through local health plans.


To learn more visit the ’10 Steps to a Healthier You’ Healthy Lifestyle Program website