We will have access to the services we need to live at home in our communities and to optimize our health and quality of life.

Health is a lifelong journey. To age well, from birth to 100-plus years old, Californians need access to quality health care informed by geriatric expertise, home and community-based services and supports, culturally competent public health resources, and nursing home innovations.

California will pursue Health Reimagined through six data-driven strategies:

Strategy A: Bridging Health Care with Home

Strategy B: Health Care as We Age

Strategy C: Lifelong Healthy Aging

Strategy D: Geriatric Care Expansion

Strategy E: Dementia in Focus

Strategy F: Nursing Home Innovation

Data Dashboard for Aging

Explore data on California’s older population and track progress on the Master Plan for Aging.

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Data Dashboard for Aging Partners

California Department of Aging, California Department of Public Health, and West Health