We will have lifelong opportunities for work, volunteering, engagement, and leadership and will be protected from isolation, discrimination, abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

Older adults have many essential roles in California’s communities: workers, business owners, volunteers, community leaders, mentors, lifelong learners, neighbors, friends, family members, and more. Each of these roles can provide a vital sense of purpose at any age. A cornerstone of building a California for all ages is continuing, evolving, and creating new opportunities for meaningful engagement at any age.

California will pursue equity and inclusion, and prevent isolation through six data-driven strategies:

Strategy A: Inclusion & Equity in Aging

Strategy B: Closing the Digital Divide

Strategy C: Opportunities to Work

Strategy D: Opportunities to Volunteer & Engage across Generations

Strategy E: Protection from Abuse, Neglect & Exploitation

Strategy F: California Leadership in Aging

Data Dashboard for Aging

Explore data on California’s older population and track progress on the Master Plan for Aging.

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