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Learn About Let’s Get Healthy California

Aligning Our Efforts Through Our State Health Improvement Plan

Let’s Get Healthy California has been adopted by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) as both our state health assessment and improvement plan. The Let’s Get Healthy California efforts have systematically collected, prioritized, and shared information that includes a comprehensive message, framework, and dashboard for measuring progress towards becoming the healthiest state in the nation. This crosscutting and comprehensive framework aligns multiple efforts across sectors, including; the State Health Care Innovation Plan, the Office of Health Equity’s Portrait of Promise, California Wellness Plan, and Department of Health Care Services Strategy for Quality Improvement in Health Care.

Key Elements: Let’s Get Healthy California Structure and Framework

Triple Aim & Health Equity: As the foundation of Let’s Get Healthy California, the Triple Aim – Better Health, Better Care, and Lower Costs—and Health Equity have both been fully integrated throughout the framework of Let’s Get Healthy California.
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Two Strategies: The Let’s Get Healthy California framework is guided by two over-arching questions; “What will it look like if California is the healthiest state in the nation?”, and “What will it take for California to be the healthiest state in the nation?” These guiding questions formed two strategies, Health Across the Lifespan which focuses on population health improvement and Pathways to Health which focuses on systems improvements.
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Six Goals: Themes identified under each strategy that together will improve the health of Californians: Healthy Beginnings, Living Well, End of Life, Redesigning the Health System, Creating Healthy Communities, and Lowering the Cost of Care.
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Data Indicators: Measureable key milestones and markers that, taken together, convey the state of California’s health, both at the population and systems levels. Indicators include baseline and target rates.
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Targets: Let’s Get Healthy California established ten-year targets that are informed by both California and national data. In many cases, California’s current baseline is the same as or exceeds the national baseline, and in some instances already exceeds national 2020 targets for improvement. Let’s Get Healthy California’s ten-year targets aim to promote health equity by closing gaps in racial and ethnic disparities.
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The Let’s Get Healthy California website and framework are a “work in progress”

As we collectively undertake the hard work of transformation, we will continue to innovate and experiment, learn from our experiences, assess new data and evidence as it emerges, and make modifications as necessary. We welcome your feedback.
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