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Coordinating care improves health outcomes while controlling costs1

This indicator tracks the percent of patients whose doctors' office helps coordinate care with other providers and services. Moving the system toward integrated and coordinated care allows patients to receive care in the most appropriate setting, reduces duplication, and enhances quality.2

Coordinated Outpatient Care for Adults

In 2011 (baseline year), 67.0% of patients had a doctor’s office who helped coordinate care with other providers and services. The most recent data available show 62.9% (2018). We hope to reach a target of 94.0% or higher by 2022.

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Percentage of Adults Receiving Coordinated Outpatient Care, by Demographic Category

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Indicator Description: Percent of patients whose doctor’s office helps coordinate their care with other providers or services (Subcategory Adult HMO)

Indicator Source: Integrated Healthcare Association, California Pay for Performance Program, Measurement Year P4P Manual; National Committee for Quality Assurance; (2) California Healthcare Performance Information System (CHPI), Patient Assessment Survey (PAS)

Indicator Calculation Methodology: Composite is an average of the individual item proportions.  Individual items are “Top Box” scores – the proportion of sample members who selected the most positive option or a rating of 9-10 for each question.

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Reporting Cycle: Annually

Reporting Lag: One year

1. California Health and Human Services Agency. (2014, March 31). California State Health Care Innovation Plan. Retrieved November 15, 2015, from

2. Let’s Get Healthy California Task Force. (December 2012). Lets Get Healthy California Task Force Final Report. Let’s Get Healthy California Task Force.

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