Project Description




University of California, San Francisco


Goal: To leverage the existing evidenced-based advance care planning (ACP) website (PREPARE, and the evidenced-based easy-to-read California advance directive (AD) template (, and established partnerships with UC Hastings School of Law and national Medical Legal Partnerships to create easy-to-read ADs for all 50 US states, integrate the ADs into the PREPARE website, and disseminate them widely. When complete, the project will offer the first easy-to-read, culturally-appropriate, evidenced-based AD that can be used in every state.

Target Population: Tools to help culturally and ethnically diverse older adults engage in advance care planning are limited. Although the tools are equally beneficial in all race/ethnicities and literacy levels, we will target ethnically and culturally diverse, English- or Spanish-speaking older adults with limited health literacy.

Project: We will create easy-to-read ADs for all states, and integrate them into our evidence- and theory-based PREPARE website. We will use rigorous legal analysis to review all 50 states’ AD laws. We will create updated, easy-to-read forms using standard health literacy and cultural adaptation principles. Finally, we will integrate the ADs into the PREPARE website, pilot test their use in Medical Legal Partnership clinics, and disseminate PREPARE and the forms nationally.

Evaluation: We will assess understandability and feasibility of the AD forms, and conduct a pilot test within national Medical Legal Partnerships. Measures of success will include increased knowledge, understanding and AD completion. Dissemination will be measured by assessing the number of visits to the PREPARE website, and social media activity.


To learn more visit the How to Make Advance Care Planning Easier website