Nearly 25 percent of adults say they aren’t physically active1

Active individuals that participate in physical activity on a daily basis are less likely to develop chronic illnesses than those who do not. Studies also indicate that increased physical activity combined with eating a healthy diet may actually prevent or postpone a variety of chronic illnesses. Let’s Get Healthy California aims to increase the number of adults who meet physical activity guidelines.

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In 2013 (baseline year), 69.1% of adults met physical activity recommendations. The most recent data available show 70.5% (2017). We hope to reach a target of 77.0% or higher by 2022.

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Adults Meeting or Exceeding Physical Activity Guidelines, by Demographic Category

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Indicator: Adults Meeting Physical Activity Guidelines

Description: This graph displays the percentage of adults meeting Aerobic Physical Activity guidelines in California. It contains data for California only. The data are from the California Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey (BRFSS). The California BRFSS is an annual cross-sectional health-related telephone survey that collects data about California residents regarding their health-related risk behaviors, chronic health conditions, and use of preventive services. The BRFSS is conducted by the Public Health Survey Research Program of California State University, Sacramento under contract from CDPH.

Data Limitations: The column percentages are weighted to the 2010 California Department of Finance (DOF) population statistics. Population estimates were obtained from the CA DOF for age, race/ethnicity, and sex. Values may therefore differ from what has been published in the national BRFSS data tables by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or other federal agencies

Indicator Source:  California Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey (BRFSS)

Data Collection Methodology:

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1. Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention Branch. (2014). Obesity in California: The Weight of the State. California Department of Public Health,

2. Let’s Get Healthy California Task Force. (December 2012). Let’s Get Healthy California Task Force Final Report. Let’s Get Healthy California Task Force,

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