Why Participate?

Check out video messages from state and local leaders as they share their thoughts on the importance of the Innovation Challenge in addressing social determinants of health. We also encourage you to share your own video on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter and tag #CAgetsHealthy.

 Quotes from previous participants.

Find out what last year’s participants are saying about the Innovation Challenge.

Rebecca Tyron Yolo County Health and Human Services, reading to children

“It’s important to come together state-wide to share and discuss the way that creativity and ‘out of the box’ thinking leads to solutions to some of our communities’ ongoing issues surrounding health.”

–Rebecca Tryon, Yolo County Health and Human Services

Debra Oto-Kent

“Thank you for sponsoring the California Innovation Challenge. Our engagement spurred deeper thinking and enhancements to our initiative and replication from one to three communities. We also further integrated evaluation measures. The application process helped to document the steps and process of our innovation.”

-Debra Oto-Kent, Health Education Council

COO of Community Integration Services Inc., Bob Erio

“It’s encouraging to see that California is open to stimulating innovation in healthcare.”

-Bob Erio, CIS Inc.