Connecting a corner store, a farmers market, and a refrigerator to increase access to fresh produce for the L.A.’s Historic Filipinotown community.

Historic Filipinotown is a community in the City of Los Angeles where the availability of and access to fresh produce is limited; 17 out of 25 small stores in the area offer no fresh produce. Don Baratón is a small convenience store located in this geographic area.

The Champions for Change Retail Program built a relationship with Sustainable Economic Enterprises Los Angeles (SEE–LA), who manages a nearby Farmers’ Market. The objective was to establish a method of procuring locally sourced, fresh produce for the Don Baratón store owner.

The store owner is now able to connect directly with farmers at the Echo Park Farmers’ Market to purchase fresh produce at discounted rates for sale. 

In addition, a refrigeration unit was purchased and placed in a high-traffic, visible area where it now carries several varieties of locally grown fresh produce. Staple produce items include oranges, apples, bananas, peppers, onions, potatoes, garlic, limes, and cilantro.

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