Project Description

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San Bernardino County – Department of Behavioral Health


The Recovery Based Engagement Support Team (RBEST) is a voluntary, client-centered project, which provides services to individuals with untreated mental illness in an effort to activate them into appropriate treatment. The program is “non-clinical” in its orientation with the primary focus being on the needs and goals of the consumer (i.e. individual seeking behavioral/mental health services) and helping consumers meet those goals while eliminating obstacles through appropriate behavioral/mental health treatment. The multi-disciplinary nature of the engagement teams presents a holistic approach to the needs of the consumers. RBEST staff provides an opportunity for shared decision making in an unstructured field-based environment when presenting treatment options to consumers and families. To maximize the effectiveness of the engagement teams, RBEST staff is trained to utilize the Listening, Empathizing, Agreeing, and Partnering (LEAP) model to engage consumers in treatment. RBEST services include: outreach, engagement, linkage to services, advocacy, case management services, family education and support, and family therapy.

The objectives of RBEST include:

  • Reducing the frequency and duration of hospitalizations for individuals who are hospitalized for psychiatric purposes without outpatient follow-up in the community;
  • Activating individuals in the community into needed out-patient psychiatric care;
  • Increasing the quality of services, including better outcomes; and,
  • Empowering families and caretakers to continue providing care for their loved ones in their community-based environment.

To learn more about the Recovery Based Engagement Support Team check out this video.