Project Description

Clinic In The Park


Clinic in the Park (fiscal sponsor OneOC)


Connect •Screen •Educate.

Using public space, Clinic in the Park is an innovative, collaborative, replicable model adaptable to non­traditional sites. The Clinic offers free one-stop-shop services to: 1) connect underserved children to health services, public benefits, and community resources; 2) provide safety net screenings, including screenings for food security, health literacy, medical and dental home; and 3) deliver health education. The Clinic brings health care into the community for children victimized by health care disparities. The Clinic is a community strategy to improve care for low-income children. Poverty is a serious, non-communicable disease that is found in every community.” (B. Dreyer, MD President American Academy of Pediatrics, 2016).Poverty has lifelong social and economic consequences.


  1. Provide children and families free access to health services in community-based settings via existing partnerships. (Serve minimum 2,000; 50% linked to resources; 50% screened/provided tools.)
  2. Provide venues where community health organizations, public, private and academic institutions/organizations and individuals collaborate to provide services, accessible to the community. (50% collaborators participate in 50% Clinics.)
  3. Develop the Clinic in the Park as a sustainable integral community service to achieve a collective impact on individual and community health. (Minimum 1 new site, 5 new partners/year.)
  4. Advocate for child health policies at the local, state and national level.

The Clinic in the Park demonstrates our commitment to underserved children and families with vital health services that they might not otherwise access.” Phyllis Agran, MD, Founder and Medical Director of Clinic in the Park

To learn more visit the Clinic in the Park website