Project Description

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SacSOS is a Web Application that allows homeless and low-income people to locate and access the resources they need in their local area. The Web Application responds to the need to provide information to homeless and low income people on what resources are available in their local area and how to access them. The database will soon include MediCal and Drug Treatment Centers to make it easier for homeless and low-income people to access information on those services.

The SacSOS Web Application was developed as a result of a 6 week Hack-a-Thon sponsored by Sacramento County called Hack4Sac that was organized through Code for Sacramento. SacSOS was developed as solution to a problem presented by Sacramento County DHA representative Julie Field. Being homeless or low income even when you are healthy can create health risks from exposure to elements, being in an unsafe environment, lack of food, lack of health care, and/or other necessities. The Web App is designed to help people locate the resources they need that are nearest to them quickly.

To learn more visit the SacSOS website.