Project Description

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Providence Health and Services, Southern California


The Providence Wellness and Activity Center in Wilmington, CA, is a clear demonstration that a nonprofit hospital can move outside its walls to improve population health in a high-need community, in partnership with community stakeholders. It also demonstrates how multi-sector partners – community residents, nonprofit and governmental organizations – have come together through joint use agreements to create a healthier community.

Take a step inside our 10,000 square foot complex and you may find:

  • children laughing and running on the outdoor field;
  • adults with diabetes learning hands-on self-management skills;
  • children and adults learning Aztec dances;
  • neighborhood residents leading morning walking groups around the building;
  • LAUSD elementary school teachers using our grassy field for PE, instead of their blacktop;
  • Spanish-language support group for people dealing with a personal loss;
  • LAPD officers playing physical activity games with children before they join their families under the stars to enjoy free movie nights.

Wilmington residents no longer need to travel far distances to find quality wellness and linkage services, nor do they need to worry about the high cost of programs for themselves or their children. They now have a vibrant physical space in their very own neighborhood that promotes social connections among residents, reduces social isolation, and provides children and adults with free programs and resources that help them make healthier life choices.