Project Description

Community Care Settings Pilot



Health Plan of San Mateo


The Community Care Settings Pilot (CCSP) is a program introduced by the Health Plan of San Mateo (HPSM) in 2014 to serve many of its most vulnerable members either living in skilled nursing facilities or at risk of migrating to them. Within the first three years of the program being launched, more than 70 HPSM members have been moved successfully from skilled nursing facilities into their own apartments or assisted living communities where the quality of life has improved significantly. Another 90 members have received services and supports from CCSP that allowed them to retain their residential setting and continue to thrive in community settings.

The pilot was also designed to test new and innovative methods for supporting vulnerable populations within HPSM’s membership, such as integrating housing with healthcare. This testing continues to evolve with the project.

To learn more about the Community Care Settings Pilot visit Housing Options for High-Need Dually Eligible Individuals: Health Plan of San Mateo Pilot