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Let’s Get Healthy California aims to improve the health of all Californians by addressing preventable and chronic conditions while decreasing disparities. Significant health disparities, or differences in health outcomes, exist by race/ethnicity, income, educational attainment, geography, and gender. These disparities relate to differences in social, economic and environmental conditions, as well as to issues within the health care system itself.

Indicator Highlights

Related Set of Indicators

The data below relates to adult obesity and diabetes and some of the social and environmental factors that influence these health outcomes.

Filter by Factor

This visualization allows a user to view a related set of indicators across a selected demographic or socioeconomic factor.

Explore Patterns

The focus of this tool is to observe patterns across indicators, and to explore the interrelationships between the factors that shape opportunities for health outcomes.

Chronic Disease

California is experiencing unprecedented levels in chronic disease that may reverse the progress in increasing life expectancy made over the last 100 years. For the first time ever, this generation of children may not live as long as their parents.1

Obesity and Diabetes

There is a strong correlation between obesity and many diseases, including diabetes. Both diabetes and obesity have significant racial and ethnic disparities.

Access to Fruits and Vegetables

Reaching the 2022 targets will require paying particular attention to addressing a myriad of issues—from the lack of access to care to the lack of access to healthy food.

Physical Activity

Many chronic conditions could be prevented by increasing healthy behaviors, including physical activity levels.

Safe Neighborhoods

In order for people to be active in their communities, they must feel that they can do so without fear of violence.

Patterns and Differences Across Indicators

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Visualization Name: Patterns and Differences Across Indicators

Visualization Description: This view provides a different lens than the individual indicator pages. The emphasis is not on comparing the absolute value of each indicator’s performance (since differences in data structure and methodology limit the value of direct comparisons).

Data Limitations: This is a pilot visualization, which currently includes a set of five sample indicators. Additional indicator sets, and more user-selected options may be added in the future.

Some Let’s Get Healthy California indicators measure positive events such as “improving access to fruits and vegetables” and some measure negative events “decreasing adult obesity.” In order to enable comparisons for this visualization all indicators are presented as negative events (“lack of access to fruits and vegetables”).

The visualization will display all available data for the selected filter. Not every indicator has data for each filter category.

1. Let’s Get Healthy California Task Force. (December 2012). Lets Get Healthy California Task Force Final Report. Let’s Get Healthy California Task Force, http://www.chhs.ca.gov/pages/LGHCTF.aspx

Stories & Solutions

One of the ways that Let’s Get Healthy California seeks to address disparities is by targeting the factors that shape health. The Innovation Challenge 2.0 challenged innovators across California to share their creative efforts moving the dial particularly around the theme of the social determinants that shape our health. Read more about social determinants of health below and check out these great innovative projects on the Innovation Challenge Showcase page.

Food Security

How can we provide access to nutritious food for the 5.4 million Californians who experience food insecurity?

Early Childhood Well-being

How can we promote safe, stable, nurturing relationships and environments for healthy development?

Access to Services

How can we improve access to services that support health and enhance quality of life for Californians?

Community Cohesion and Violence Prevention

How can we create safe, connected, communities free of violence?

Access to Quality Care

How can all Californians achieve access to affordable, high-quality healthcare?

Clinical-Community Linkages

How can we build connections between health care systems, public health, and community partners?

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